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Don't Stop Now

It’s one thing to obey God when you can see how His instructions are benefitting you. It’s a whole different thing to obey Him when you have no idea what His instructions have to do with your prayers.

King Johoash of the Old Testament was in this very predicament. The country of Aram was coming to attack Israel, so Johoash went to the prophet Elisha for guidance. 2 Kings chapter 13 says that Elisha told King Johoash to pick up some arrows and strike them on the ground. Obediently, Johoash did as he was told (which is better than me, because I would have had a lot of questions for Elisha).

But, Johoash only struck the ground 3 times. Elisha got mad at him, saying that he should have struck the ground 5 or even 6 times. If he did, the enemy army would have been completely destroyed. But since Johoash stopped at 3, his army would only defeat the enemy 3 times.

Johoash’s obedience was directly related to his breakthrough. He had no idea why he had to strike the ground, and he certainly wasn’t seeing anything miraculous happening. But he was instructed to do it, and he should have kept doing it until he got further instructions.

Friend, I’m not sure what God has instructed you to do. But I do know that whatever it is, it is directly related to your breakthrough. God hears your prayer. And though you might not see anything miraculous happening, you can be sure that He is working on your behalf. You need only have faith and keep striking the ground.

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